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    GPSGP: Data Conversion for Citizenship SGP App Engine  - DC18650387 not available to run manually


      Hello Gurus,


      We are in process of upgrading PS HCM 9.0 system to 9.2. After initial pass it was observed that the new functionality for Citizenship (SGP) added with 9.2 version doesn't have any data in table PS_CTZSHIP_SGP.


      It would be helpful if you any information for below points could be shared:


      1> There is a program DC18650387 to convert Citizenship details and load PS_CTZSHIP_SGP record. This DC program should have been run as a part of upgrade template from change assistant? If yes then how to determine whether it was run successfully or had any issue?


      2> In case this conversion program was not supposed to be part of Upgrade template, then do we need to run this manually in Target instance with every pass?


      3> To run this process manually in Target environment, i checked the process definition but could not find definition of this program. Is there is another method to run the process manually (like 2-tier i.e.directly from app designer)?


      Appreciate any and every information about this data conversion. Thanks in advance.