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    OAM OAuth - How to retrive custom attributes during token generation

    Alvaro U



      We are trying to replace current Tomcat OAuth architecture with OAM OAuth on with latest BP, we were able to implement custom attribute (callbackUrl) as part of the client creation and we are able to retrieve the attributes during token validation, however we need to retrieve the attributes during token creation so the client will get the API URL (callbackUrl) to be called after token generation. We followed Doc ID 2417689.1 and blog https://blogs.oracle.com/oim11gr2/custom-attributes-in-access-token


      Token is being generated using PASSWORD grant type


      This is the response we get after getting the token and on this response is where we need the attribute callbackUrl to be present:


      And this is the response during validation


      Any ideas how can we get the custom attribute callbackUrl as part of the token generation?