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    Help connecting "Oracle Application Server" 10.1.3 OC4J to Oracle 12c using Thin JDBC Driver


      I have a OC4J application running in oracle application server 10g.  It currently connects to an 11Gr2 database using an oracle thin jdbc connection.  I'm trying to connect the same app to a 12CR2 database again using the thin jdbc connection with no success.  this is the error:


      Unable to establish connection for one or more OC4J instances in the group. Below are the results for each OC4J instance.

      "my OC4J: on "my site" - Failed due to error: "Exception occurred testing connection. Exception: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Got minus one from a read call."


      I'm assuming it's due to a jdbc version issue.  I can connect via sqldeveloper to both dbs.  Any thoughts with updating the jdbc on the application server side would be appreciated.