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    Customer Tracker 4.2.0 Dashboard Bug




      I've just installed the Customer Tracker 4.2.0,  I've come across a few issues:


      1. If I click on the Dashboard, then click on one of the top line numbers, it raises a session state protection violation error.

      2. If I add a flex column to the customer table, then try and add a Report Label Text, it raises a PL/SQL: numeric or value error.

      3. If I go to Upload Customers, and attempt to upload customer details using the "Try Sample Data" button to populate the copy/paste area, it fails to upload any information showing "No data was provided that can be successfully loaded or updated."


      This is a great app and I'd like to release it to my team to manager customers, can we get an update to the app to fix these issues please.


      (The app is still in locked mode in my install, as I'd like to make sure I can continue getting any updates that come along).



      I'd also like to request a few enhancements:


      1. With the Referenceability section of the customer details.

      It would be good to have an audit trail of the referencing section, so you can see the when/what/who of the change to referenceability from within the customer view. Either that or create a dedicated Reference report. I realize you can filter the Updates to look for Detail = "Referenc" (As you have "Reference" and "Referencable" as two different types of updates.) But having referencing as a first class citizen of the tool would be good.


      2. A theme roller, so I can make it look like my other apps, without it either looking like the defaults (Vista or Vita standard..)

      3. Allow the Navigation menu to have Administrator defined links created. I can therefore put a "back to Home" link so users can return back to calling app, rather than have this app open in another tab from the calling app. (if that makes sense...)





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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle

          Hi Gavin,


          Apologies for only seeing your questions now.  I've forwarded this thread to my colleague, Allan, who works on the Packaged Apps.  So hopefully Allan will be able to respond to your questions, after Thanksgiving that is.  Given that you're an Oracle employee, you can post such questions in Einstein.  If you're not familiar with Einstein, just go to the Sign In page for our internal hosted instance, apex.oraclecorp.com, where you'll find a link to it.




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            Will do Hilary, thanks.

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              Hi Gavin,


              Thank you for passing these issues along to us! We've fixed these issues for the next release of APEX.


              Here are the fixes (in case you want to unlock your app and fix immediately):


              1. Change page 59's Page Access Protection to Unrestricted

              2. Change line 9 in "update entire static lov" process on page 71 from "when :P71_FLEXIBLE_COLUMN like '%FLEX_N%' then return_value" to "when :P71_FLEXIBLE_COLUMN like '%FLEX_N%' or to_number(return_value) >= 0 or to_number(return_value) <= 0 then return_value"

              3. Change lookup table for type id in Customer data load definition from EBA_CUST_TYPE to EBA_CUST_STATUS


              As for the enhancement requests:


              1. We will take this into consideration.

              2. You need to unlock the app to create your own theme style via theme roller.

              3. Thanks for the idea. For now you can unlock the application and manually add this link to the navigation.

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                Thanks Allan.


                I'd rather not unlock the app to fix it as it becomes ineligible for future upgrades:


                Unlocking a productivity application will make the application ineligible for future upgrades and it will be no longer supported by Oracle Support.


                Unless there's a way to relock after the fixes but afaik that's not possible.


                I can wait for the fixes in the next version.