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    19.2 / 4, bug, data load, when a record to be loaded violates any constraint


      Hi Jeff,

      Yesterday I noticed the following bug(?) in 19.2 :

      If you load date into a table with a FK-constraint to a different table, and a record to be loaded violates this constraint then (obviously) all following rows from the source (in my case an Excel sheet) are refused with the error message for every one of them that a FK is violated. Strange enough for me SQL Developer states that there are (exactly) 1000 rows that could not be loaded. I have not checked if this is indeed exactly the number of rows after the one and only problematic record. I' in doubt.

      After disabling the FK a loading the same sheet again all was good.

      The manually check for problematic rows regarding the FK shows only one row.

      After deleting this one the FK got successfully enabled.


      Why do I report that?

      Well, maybe you can check this before 19.3 comes out.

      I will, I do promise...


      Thank you and Regards




      Adjusted the subject to reflect the issue more correctly.

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