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    XML Reverse Engineering using XSD in ODI

    TN Raghuveer



      I have a valid xsd, I tried to reverse engineer the XML file using the XSD by placing it on my local desktop, when I reverse engineer the XML all the attributes of Datastores whose XSD data type is xs:string are being converted as VARCHAR 255, where as XSD has a restriction on simple type attributes as below:


      <xs:simpleType name="ABCD">

      <xs:restriction base="xs:string">

      <xs:maxLength value="30"/>





      I am expecting the datastore attribute ABCD after reverse engineering should have a column with data type varchar 30, instead of varchar 255, I have done some research on xml driver properties of default_type_varchar (or dtvc) / 

      default_length_varchar (or dlvc) these properties are applicable only to "XML annotation and documentation elements" and not for the regular attributes.

      As per the documentation, restriction is supported by XML Driver, still it is going wrong somehow :


      Using ODI :

      Please help me fixing this issue