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    Java 7.231 Control Panel missing


      We currently use an Oracle Forms system using Java 6.45 on the clients.  We are wanting to upgrade to 7.231.  The required changes have been made at the server side but when it comes to installing Java on the client the Java Control Panel is missing and Java isn't shown on the Windows 10 Control Panel either.  Also javacpl.exe is not in the Java folder on the laptop.

      If 7.231 and 6.45 are both installed then you can use the 6.45 Control Panel to see that both version have been installed and you can enable/disable either of them.  However our forms system doesn't work when it looks for Java 7.231.  For some reason it thinks it's not installed even though it is, I install it, but then the forms system hangs and Java doesn't look to have fired up.


      I've raised a support ticket but as this is getting really urgent any help would be very gratefully received.


      Many thanks



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          I had the following response from Oracle Support....



          I have just found this document:

          Support Note: Java SE Deployment Technology Support Lifetime ( Doc ID 1640397.1 )


          In it, it mentions that the Java Control Panel is no longer available in JRE7 since October 2017, and that you should use JRE8+ to run Applets from JRE7.

          Based on that, the Java Control Panel will not show up with the Java version 1.7.0_231