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    How to check what Language is set in our EBS database?


      EBS 12.1.3




      Hi ALL,


      We have issue in retrieving data in our table language code.

      The support is asking below:


      Since NLS_LANGUAGE is set to 'ENGLISH', userenv('LANG') is
      returning 'GB'.In MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_TL table (as per out of query B) there are
      no records for language code 'GB' hence _VL is not returning any record.

      Kindly ask the customer's DBA to set NLS_LANGUAGE to 'AMERICAN for
      userenv('LANG') to return 'US' and then query on _VL will fetch the data




      How do I set NLS_LANGUAGE for our EBS instance?


      Please help...


      Kind regards,