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    Maximum Connection pool allowed in Weblogic


      Is there any limitation of connection pool for Weblogic version?

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          Srinath Menon-Oracle

          Theoretically , No, there is no such limitation but practically it should be defined based on the application load and kind of work it is going to process.

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            Martien van den Akker

            As Srinath mentioned, there is no theoretical maximum in Weblogic.

            But consider that a connection pool causes every managed server that the datasource is targetted to, to create database connections. This means that if the datasources' connection pool can have 3000 connections and it is targetted to a cluster of two managed servers, the database can get possibly 6000 connections. A datasource has also a statement cache. By default of 10. This means that the database needs an OPEN_CURSORS parameter value of 2x3000x10 = 60000. Assuming that you have an Oracle database.


            This means that for Weblogic there isn't a maximum, but increasing this value means that there should be enough resources in the database. So there is an actual resource limit. Discuss with your DBA to determine what they can provide.


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