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    Oracle OCI image for EBS 12.2.9 Vision demo - error on adadmin


      EBS 12.2.9 - Oracle Cloud Image



      Hi ALL,


      I have installed EBS 12.2.9 demo using Oracle cloud image.

      I was able to install it successfully, but its adadmin has error


      $ adadmin


                           Copyright (c) 2002, 2012 Oracle Corporation

                              Redwood Shores, California, USA


                         Oracle E-Business Suite AD Administration


                                       Version 12.2.0


      NOTE: You may not use this utility for custom development

            unless you have written permission from Oracle Corporation.


      Your default directory is '/u03/appvis2/VIS2/fs1/EBSapps/appl'.

      Is this the correct APPL_TOP [Yes] ?



      AD Administration records your AD Administration session in a text file

      you specify.  Enter your AD Administration log file name or press [Return]

      to accept the default file name shown in brackets.



      Filename [adadmin.log] :



      ************* Start of AD Administration session *************

      AD Administration version: 12.2.0

      AD Administration started at: Wed Nov 20 2019 08:02:05



      APPL_TOP is set to /u03/appvis2/VIS2/fs1/EBSapps/appl


      Backing up restart files, if any......Done.


      Your previous AD Administration session did not run to completion.

      Do you wish to continue with your previous AD Administration session [Yes] ? yes


      You are about to use or modify Oracle E-Business Suite product tables

      in your ORACLE database 'VIS2'

      using ORACLE executables in '/u03/appvis2/VIS2/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2'.



      Is this the correct database [Yes] ?



      Already asked for the ORACLE username and password

      of Application Object Library.

      (The given username/password was: APPLSYS/*****)



      The status of various features in this run of AD Administration is:


                                                 <-Feature version in->

      Feature                          Active?   APPLTOP    Data model    Flags

      ------------------------------   -------   --------   -----------   -----------

      CHECKFILE                        Yes       1          1             Y N N Y N Y

      PREREQ                           Yes       6          6             Y N N Y N Y

      CONCURRENT_SESSIONS              No        2          2             Y Y N Y Y N

      PATCH_TIMING                     Yes       2          2             Y N N Y N Y

      PATCH_HIST_IN_DB                 Yes       6          6             Y N N Y N Y

      SCHEMA_SWAP                      Yes       1          1             Y N N Y Y Y

      JAVA_WORKER                      Yes       1          1             Y N N Y N Y

      CODELEVEL                        Yes       1          1             Y N N Y N Y



      Reading product information from file...

      Reading language and territory information from file...

      Reading language information from applUS.txt ...

      Currently, the following language is installed:


      Code   Language                                Status

      ----   --------------------------------------- ---------

      US     American English                        Base


      Your base language will be AMERICAN.


      Setting up module information.

      Reading database for information about the modules.

      Saving module information.


      AD code level : [C.11]


      *** Maintaining the Run File System (in Hotpatch mode) ***


      *** Edition Enabled User ***


      AD Administration error:


      ERROR:  Patching cycle in progress - run this utility from patch file system.

              You can only run it from run file system when not patching.




      Please help...


      Kind regards,