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    RDF Report Bursting




      I want to burst my AR Aging 4 Buckets report based on the Transaction Types. I have followed the following process, still the XML Bursting Program throws error.


      Requirement : Burst my Oracle Standard (.RDF) Report (AR AGING 4 BUCKETS) on the Transaction Types

      Expected Result : 4 PDF Files (Credit Memos, Invoices, Debit Memos, Payments)

      Steps Followed:


      1. Extracted RDF Report
      2. Added 'After Report trigger' invoking Oracle Default Bursting Program
      3. Created a new Concurrent Program for the Test purpose(using the updated RDF File)
      4. Registered Program
      5. Created XML Bursting Control Program
      6. Created Data Definition and attached Bursting Control Program
      7. Run the Concurrent Request


      1. Concurrent Request completed successfully
      2. Bursting Program Invoked
      3. Bursting Program ends with error

      The log file of the Bursting program does not show any error, only showing the bursting process.


      Thanks !