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    Another XML import query




      I'm a new P6 release 18.8 user and i'm having problems with a particular MP XML import. I've succesfully uploaded other  MP XML files.


      I've trawled through help forums etc.


      The MP file has approx. 3000 rows, i've checked the following:


      • Calendars - must not be None
      • Resources - must have a name
      • XML name must be less than 20 characters
      • No blank rows
      • No bad formatting in  "Notes" field
      • No links to summary tasks
      • No odd characters ~ * etc

      I've tried removing rows 'en mass' to reduce the file size, to no avail.


      I've even created a test programme with all the errors listed above that did successfully import(??)


      I've attached the event log


      Any help appreciated, i'm a new user be gentle with me....