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    After LDAPUserImport to pull in OID user data, FND_USER screen hangs in EBS 12.2


      I am in a test environment in EBS 12.2.6 and am trying to implement SSO with LDAP here as we have it implemented in production.  Everything appears to be running and provisioning profile updated in OID, but I am unable to get SSO to validate the credentials when a user tries to log in.  (We have site profile "Applications SSO Type" set to "SSWA w/SSO" as we also use Discoverer which uses the internal password.)


      So I updated fnd_user records to clear out the fnd_user.user_guid and was going to try to import from OID using the LDAPUserImport command.  I exported data from OID and limited it to a single user but inadvertently left ORCLADMIN in the ldif file.  I imported the data and it appeared to be successful, but now when I navigate to System Administrator > Security > Users and try to query a user, the forms hangs and I have to abort the browser and bounce the apps tier to get it up again.


      The next time I try to go into System Administrator (even to the profile setup screen), it hangs.  I can't even turn on tracing.  I tried to end-date the ORCLADMIN fnd_user via fnd_user_pkg.updateuser thinking this was the problem, but that made no difference.


      How do I find what went wrong with the import from OID?  Is there a way to reverse that?




      P.S. Actually it is every Forms screen that hangs.  No forms can display under any responsibility.