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    PO_STANDARD_XSLFO.xsl Error Spanish Language


      I need to customize PO_STANDARD_XSLFO.xsl in Spanish .when i modified it,then i upload it into database,after that when i run <Purchasing Orders Summary/Purchasing Order-->Inqury-->View Document>,it was running correctly only in English environment;when i login into Spanish environment and run the report,it is still showing the standard layout,i did changes no any effect on the report in Chinese environment.


      Then i created a new template in XML Publisher Administrator responsibility, and then go to <PO-->setup-->Purchasing-->Document Types>, set my created new template for the Standard PO style; after that when i run the report,it also can only run correctly in English environment; when i login in to Spanish environment, it still run in standard layout,no any changes.


      And when I open PO Module in both language (US and ESA) both is set the same Template,on Document Types/ Standard Purchase Order configuration.

      Is possible that I miss some steps in this process ?



      Anybody had the same problem ?