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    SMTPS with OBIEE 11


      Hi guys,

      I'm going to integrate OBIEE 11 with a Mail Server (using JDK 1.0.7_80) , but I got an handshake error. At the moment, I have imported the certificates on the java cacerts. Now I'm trying to configure the tab Mail by enterprise manager. The section "SSL" requires two information:

      • CA certificate directory
      • CA certificate file.


      I wonder:

      - if I have to specify the certificate (cacert.pem) or the keystore (cacerts.jks).

      - if the chipers list in SSL section is mandatory;

      - if the certificates must be imported in other keystores as well as java cacerts;

      - what I have to do if the 4 above chipers aren't supported by the JDK installed.


      I have looked for example of configuration, without success (I'm new in this task).


      Thank you very much for information.


      Best regards.