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    Error: Can't open display:

      Hello all,

      OS: AIX 5.2
      Remotely Access via: SSH (PUTTY)

      OPTION 1:

      $ pwd
      $ xclock
      Error: Can't open display:

      Please note:
      Reflection is running.
      I set DISPLAY LOCATION to localhost:0.
      I set this value from putty (SSH) for this console.

      Please note:
      On the same way I can run xlogo, xclac from Sun Solaris and its work.

      OPTION 2:

      I also tried
      export DISPLAY= local_IP_Add:0.0

      $ xclock
      Error: Can't open display: local_IP_Add:0.0

      I can run xclock from my linux box on the same way (OPTION 2).