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    Can we encrypt user name and password in formsweb.cfg 12C?


      We have to encrypt the user name and password mentioned in formsweb.cfg file, can we encrypt just that specific line in configuration file?


      When I was doing some research online, I came across a link to try this in 12C, we tried below parameter, after restarting services did not come up, so we removed the parameter, I am guessing we did not set the new parameter in right place, can someone help to confirm if this solution is introduced in 12C and works fine if we add it in the right place?


      Oracle Forms - New Security Handling for userid ~ Dirk Nachbar: Oracle Fusion Middleware & Application Server


      forms.userid.encryption.enabled=true for $EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES inside the $DOMAIN_HOME/bin/setDomainEnv.sh script