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    12.1.3: After install JRE 1.8 in local client, keeps up asking for the use of JRE 1.6

    Jose Aróstegui

      Hi experts,


      We have EBS 12.1.3 using forms JRE plugin 1.6... We're in the process of enabling Java Web Start in one of the test environments, which requires JRE 1.8+ in PC clients to work.


      So, we've installed JRE1.8 in PC clients, which has removed automatically 1.6.


      But now, when we try to access to Prod (where JWS is not still activated) we get the message of JRE1.6 needs to be installed.


      We thought that JRE1.8 was certified to both access JWS or Java plugin enabled... is it correct?