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    Removing Netsuite stub dependency on Axis 1.4 jar


      We are using Netsuite stub to call SOAP API's. The stub has dependency on Apache Axis 1.4 Jar

      Apache Axis 1.4 Jar  contains Vulnerabilities like CVE-2019-0227 : A Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability affected the Apache Axis 1.4 distribution that was last released in 2006. Security and bug commits commits continue in the projects Axis 1.x Subversion repository, legacy users are encouraged to build from source. The successor to Axis 1.x is Axis2, the latest version is 1.7.9 and is not vulnerable to this issue.

      The severity is high with Base Score: HIGH (7.5)



      Please let me know if we can have any alternative way to connect Netsuite or can replace the dependency for Axis 1.4 jar to higher version as part of dependency.