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    SCM Cloud: how to record the weighing operation


      Context: client is in the Chemical Industry

      The requirement is to record into the system the weighing of the components before processing.

      (Weighing is an operation requiring Labor and Equipment resource so it requires to be planned; furthermore in a chemical process requiring trackability, it must be recorded).


      A weighing is an operation that has in input one component and  in output the same component with a weight.


      The weighing process is time-consuming and must be planed in the production flow, as formulas require to weigh about 20 different components, get the right amount and store back the remaining amount.


      How could this process be modeled into Oracle cloud with those constraints :

      - A work order  input component cannot be an output of the same work order.

      - A input component cannot be an input of several operations of the work order (otherwise, it is consumed several times)



      Thanks for your help,