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    redirect to page


      I have form ,and there is a button that performs to redirect another page in the same application and pass value. for example, as shown below. but the problem is value should be shown null.

      I don't want this on a branch, bcoz i am dont want to submit page.




      plz give any suggestion ?

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          Mathias Maciel

          Is item storing a previous old value? If it does is probably because your item on target page has the Used property on Source defined as Only when current value in session state is null.

          Try on your Link Builder - Target settings by specifing on Clear Session State and set the number of your target page in Clear Cache attribute.

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            Veerendra Patil

            1. Create a dummy button and and make it hidden. Or create an Inline Dialog region and add the button there. This wont be displayed in that case.

                Give a static ID to that button eg "myBtn"

            2. On this button create action as Direct to another page in the application(which you want to navigate to) - Dont pass any parameters/Dont clear cache. Just add the            page number.

            3. On your button which you actually want to click to navigate - Create a dynamic action on button click

            action 1 - Execute PLSQL code


                                APEX_UTIL.SET_SESSION_STATE('P2_INPUT', :P1_INPUT);


                            Items to submit - P1_INPUT

            action 2 - Execute Javascript code

                           $("#myBtn").click(); /// myBtn is the static id of dummy Btn you created in step 1.




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              Hi Chandlerbing


              Hint, when you start having redirects in the application for various reasons, it is good to get browser addons like "Link redirect trace" to be occasionally  see what happens.


              Rgrds Paavo

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