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    WebLogic OS upgrade and migration



      I need clarification in the below mentioned process on migrating WebLogic 10.3.5 from Redhat 5 to Redhat-7 on a different host.

      The current environment is a clustered setup and the weblogic binary is on shared mount. The same needs to be retained on target env.


      WLS 10.3.5 isn't supported for RHEL-7, so minimum we need to upgrade to 10.3.6, considering can someone please someone clarify on the below migration

      - Configure new RHEL-7 hosts with system requirements per WLS10.3.6

      - Unmount the WLS10.3.5 binary home on Source env [ orainventory and domain home also present here]

      -  Mount the WLS home and upgrade to 10.3.6

      -  Change the target IP adress in $DOMAIN_HOME/config/config.xml

      -   Reconfigure node manager

      -   Start services


      If the aforesaid steps aren't supported, can someone please suggest the on the appropriate approach here?



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          Hi there,


          I would suggest a rather different approach. I would install fresh new 10.3.6 and using WLST scripts will reconfigure the same domain and deploy all services. You then will have two environments which you can switch over between. In case the new one does not work, you can switch back to the working one.


          Instead of scripting domain configuration you could create a domain template in 10.3.5 and try to use it for the new one in 10.3.6.


          In place configurations leave you with limited options to revert back to a working environment in case something goes wrong.




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            Martien van den Akker

            I agree with Anatoli with creating a fresh install on the new machine for the 10.3.6 home.

            However, I would take a clone of the domain and copy that to the new machine.

            Upgrading the domain is described here: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/web.1111/e13754/upgrading9091.htm#WLUPG178

            It actually comes down in changing the scripts to point to the new middleware home. That can be done manually or using the domain upgrade assistant.


            Kind regards,