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    RAM configuration for Sun Ultra 40 and Windows 10 32 bit?

    Maxime G.



      I have installed Windows 10 Pro (32 bits) on my Sun Ultra 40 workstation (no 64 bit install possible due to the CMPXCHG16b problem). I know that the 32 bit system can only handle 4Gb of RAM but in my case, the system is limited to 2Gb.


      The currently installed memory configuration is:


      -CPU0: 2x 2Gb (only black slots 0-1 used).

      -CPU1: 4x 1Gb (all slots 4-5-6-7 used),


      Windows 7 (64 bit) used all the available memory (8Gb), as does Ubuntu Linux (18.04 LTS, 64 bit). But Windows 10 (32 bit) only declares 2Gb as usable (though 8Gb are recognized).


      Should I order the DIMMs differently? Or, if need be, should I remove some of them (sacrifying the 8Gb tha t Ubuntu uses to "upgrade" Windows)? Or is there a BIOS parameter to change?


      Thank you for any advice!