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    Confused on OCI and Dyn Standard DNS


      Based on FAQs and information location at:


      https://www.oracle.com/corporate/acquisitions/dyn/technologies/ecommerce-customer-faq.html  (Section :Why is Dynamic (DDNS) not being offered in OCI?)


      I am confused on exactly what I need to do and which service I need to change. 


        Dyn Standard DNS with my own custom .US domain w/ certs.

        EdgeRouter that i use to update dnsomatic.com which then updates dyndns and opendns.  


      Based on the FAQ

      For those that rely on updater clients that are built in to a device, Oracle cannot change those devices so they will continue to point to the legacy Dyn platforms for the Remote Access product. https://account.dyn.com.


      Even though I can customize EdgeRouter interface what servers I send IP information to. 

      It sounds like now I need to do the following steps:

      1. Switch to DNS Dyn Pro

      2. Select one of their provided domains for remote access.

      3. I create a CNAME for my *.US domain to point to the remote access domain.

      Is this correct?


      Does this impact my certs that are registered for the *.us domain if there is a site redirect in between?