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    mysql.backup_progress table does not exist on MySQL 8.0.18


      I'm trying to use MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.18 against InnoDB Cluster, and I get the following warning:

      191204 11:42:50 MAIN WARNING: This backup operation cannot write to backup progress. The MySQL server is running with the --super-read-only option.

      This is surprising because there were recent updates in order to support writing the backup progress to the primary node.


      It turns out there is nothing wrong with the grants, or communication to the primary cluster node.  The table does not exist:

      mysql> select count(*) from mysql.backup_progress;

      ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'mysql.backup_progress' doesn't exist






      Why does it not exist?  Is it safe for me to create it manually.

      I tried running an "upgrade", but it didn't help.

      $ sudo -u mysql -H mysqld --upgrade=AUTO