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    unpack.sh in Weblogic failing with "component home not found"


      Hi there,


      We have an environment hosted in Weblogic running Java 1.8.

      Now the plan is to migrate/setup the entire domain(including managed servers) to a different server, having a fresh installation of Weblogic , and will run on Java 1.8.

      Step 1) pack worked on in Weblogic

      Step 2) unpack in Weblogic failing with below error.

      >>  fail: read template from "/opt/installers/ws_templates/ws_domain_template_admin.jar"

      Required component home not found for component 'oracle.wls.core.app.server' version '' in the MW_HOME: /opt/oracle/fmw


      Is this actually feasible, across version?

      If not how can i achieve, this migration of domain using pack/unpack.


      Any advise much appreciated.