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    Fixed IP and SPF or Dyndns and spf ...




      I am a little lost so I allow myself to come to you to ask for some help.


      I set up an SMTP server (Windows Server locally) to send my email campaigns. So far, everything is good, everything has been working fine for years.


      In order to best meet the requirements of anti-spam software, I set up the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) registry a few years ago. Everything is good but it's about this point that I have a question ...


      The SPF, is associated with my domain name (registered with OVH) and my fixed IP that I pay every month at my internet provider. At the time, I used fixed IP for other tasks but today, I keep this IP fixed, only for the SPF verification when I send a mailing.


      I send about 12 email campaigns a year, so my fixed IP is unused about 353 days a year. It's expensive for the little use.


      So I thought to cancel my fixed IP and replace it with a subscription to "dyndns".


      My only (current) goal is to be able to configure a valid SPF to be able to send my emailing campaigns optimally.


      Can a "dyndns" allow this?


      I found articles on "dyn.com" that speak but I see Dyndns, DNS Standard, Dyn update, Dyn email, ... is it the same product or all different products?


      In advance, a big thank you for your first clarifications !!