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    ODI - user can connect on one desktop but not another


      My organization has users who access ODI via remote desktop to one of our hosts.  One of those users are getting an ODI-26130 when connecting to ODI while logged into the remote desktop.  Other users also get the same error when they try to access ODI on her desktop with their credentials.  If she opens ODI on her peers' remote desktop sessions, she has no problems.  So we know it isn't her credentials.  We've tried to copy the appdata odi directory from one of the desktops of a user that works with no luck.  We've looked at all her provisioning for ODI and it is the same as her co-workers thus her being able to access ODI in other users' remote sessions.  Is there some configuration or registry setting on her remote desktop profile that could be causing this issue?ODI-26130 error.jpg