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    Remove product in BCC throws deployment error




      I want to remove a product physically from the store, so I have removed it from BCC , while deploying the BCC project with delete asset for that product I am getting the below error


      atg.deployment.DistributedDeploymentException: The item product:XXX does not exist in the /atg/commerce/catalog/ProductCatalog source repository and cannot be deployed. at atg.deployment.repository.RepositoryWorkerThread.deployItem(RepositoryWorkerThread.java:1033) at atg.deployment.repository.RepositoryWorkerThread.processMarkerForAddUpdatePhase(RepositoryWorkerThread.java:263) at atg.deployment.DeploymentWorkerThread.processMarkerPhase


      Due to this project deployment didn't happen, when I check in the PUB , CATA/B tables the product is still there. Please let me know how this can be solved as deleting the product should be done through BCC that is the best option i think than doing it from the backend. Please provide a solution on this issue.



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          Normally any product could be deleted by BCC interface, and this should reflect at catA/B schemas.

          So, I have two suggestions for your case:


          1) Try to do a project just adding your product to project and deploy it. My idea is to force BCC to correct any wrong reference between pub and catA/B. After, if project were success deployed, create another project and try to delete product again.


          2) If first suggestion does not help, try to remove directly using rql at repository in pub, catA and catB.


          <remove-item id="product:XXX" item-descriptor="product" />


          Hope it helps.