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    Mobile supply chain app fails to connect


      EBS 12.2.3. two apps tiers, DB 2 node rac all on Oracle Linux 6.


      What can  I check or look at to troubleshoot connecting to EBS with the mobile supply chain app MSCA.


      MWA is setup and in use. The old guns are falling apart and not reliable.  They drop connections and have to be rebooted randomly. We purchased new mobile guns.

      These use the mobile app MSCA.   All the requested patches are applied. 

      The mobile app connection just spins. It goes nowhere.   We can use a telnet apps from the same mobile device. This connects just fine.

      What is missing? What can I look at to help or trace this mobile app connection? The mobile app uses http instead of telnet. Is that something that can be turned off on a firewall? Network admin say it is not turned off and if we can telnet we should be able to connect with the app.


      Help.  We have had an SR open for +3 months.   It is going back and forth with the analyst and development. They keep asking the same random no help questions.   I assume development is helping an analyst that does not know how it works as, they have not said we have hit a bug, they just keep asking the same questions. 

      They were so excited to get the new guns that cost a pretty penny only to not be able to use them.