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    Inventory Item - Assigned to a specific "location"


      We currently have 3-locations setup in Netsuite in which we store and ship inventory.  We are wanting to stock certain items in only one of our 3-locations and have Netsuite inform our Customer Service team, when entering a sales order, that a specific item is available and must ship from that specific location.


      We currently have customer service individuals in all 3-locations and they take orders for all 3-loations. 


      Is this functionality or something like it available in Netsuite? 




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          4126244 for me, this looks like customization, not unless you invest with change management for your team. On the former, you would need the following on top of my head:


          1. A custom script on your PO or IR that will prevent your customer service from receiving items on a different location besides that one you want certain items to be stocked or default the location (and prevent users from changing it)
          2. Same logic with #1 but deployed on Sales Orders