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    user_preference in R12.2



      EBS - > R12.2.5


      I have one EBS user with email address ( user1 -> user1@mail.com).


      When I check table fnd_user_preferences against the user (user1), I can see entry only for module_name=PWDVALREUSE. There is no entry for PREFERENCE_NAME='MAILTYPE' and MODULE_NAME = 'WF'.


      1 - Please advise how to fix ?

      2 - Please advise what is "module_name=PWDVALREUSE"




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          Maaz Khan




          >>>1 - Please advise how to fix ?

          You can simply call api - FND_PREFERENCE package to change email-notification preferences. As in you case, we can call api as follows for user1
          exec FND_PREFERENCE.put('USER1','WF','MAILTYPE','MAILHTML');

          Ref - How To Change The E-mail Notification Preference En Masse For Multiple Users (Doc ID 417030.1)



          >>>2 - Please advise what is "module_name=PWDVALREUSE"
          If you observe PWDVALREUSE in this column, then it is an implication of setting profile - Signon Password No Reuse
          If this profile is set, it will not allow a user to reuse older passwords and older passwords are stored(encrypted format) in table fnd_user_preferences.

          Ref - How To Keep Track of FND User Password Changes (Doc ID 844520.1)