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    Dbca for cloning container database with existing PDB




      I have version 18.3 and I have container database ORCLCDB with single PDB pdb1.

      I'm using dbca for create local standby database.


      ./dbca -silent -createDuplicateDB -gdbName ORCLCDB -sid ORCLCLON -sysPassword ****-primaryDBConnectionString ORCLCDB -createAsStandby -initParams sga_target=1024M -dbUniqueName ORCLCLON -datafileDestination "/opt/oracle/oradata/ORCLCLON"


      It finishes without issue, however had problem with pdb as it seems it points to the same location causing primary pbd completly useless.


      1) Is there any way to clone cdb$root only?

      2) Is it possible to disable cloning for pdb (I cannot find alter plugabble database .. standby = none command in docuementation).



      Tomasz Ziss