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    catcon.pl on windows


      When creating a new CDB on a Windows server and installing the various components: Java, Multimedia, Text, etc., CATCON.PL fails when specifying multiple containers.


      An example:


      host "%ORACLE_HOME%\perl\bin\perl.exe" %ORACLE_HOME%\rdbms\admin\catcon.pl -n 1 -l F:\Oracle\Oracle_Admin\&&_orasid.\scripts -v  -b initjvm -c  'PDB$SEED CDB$ROOT'  -U SYS/&&sysPassword %ORACLE_HOME%\javavm\install\initjvm.sql




      catcon::validate_con_names: some specified Container names do not refer to existing Containers:

      catcon::validate_con_names:     'PDB$SEED




      Run each command for each container separately





      I have tried single quotes, double quotes, single quotes inside double quotes, double quotes inside single quotes, no quotes, comma separated.  Nothing seems to work.



      Thank you