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    change Work repo connection from odiconsole


      Dear forum members,


      We are having situation for DR switchover, where ODI repositories are transported using Data Guard. And, ODI is already installed in DR env.

      So, the work repository and master repositories now have to point to new db(of DR env).


      Usually, below is the navigation and how we change the work repository connection details.

      From ODI studio, connect to master repo >> toplogy >> work repository >> workrepo - edit the name and click on connection icon then change the jdbc connection details.


      Unfortunately in UAT/production environments, odi studio is not allowed. Only allowed is: odiconsole(browser based). But i don't see option to change the work repository connection detials. In management tab of odiconsole, i see jdbc related names of repositories but those are configured from weblogic console, we did change at weblogic console datasources to point to new databse but its not getting affected.


      How we checked its not affecting is: in one of dev env(where odi studio available), we tried to connect to work repo from studio, in log it says: it is connected to old database work repo(also checked from toplogy , it still has old details).


      Can you pls let me know how to change connection details of work repository jdbc from odiconsole.