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    Migration of forms from 10g iAS to Weblogic 12c




      We have a oracle forms and reports application build in 10g internet application server(iAS). We are planning to migrate the application to weblogic 12.2.1 from iAS 10g(10.1.2) in a new server.

      Source db version:  ->  Target DB:

      Can anyone throw some insight to achieve this? Any document/article or brief steps would be highly appreciated.


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          Carlos Cortez



          The following post may help you:


          FORMS 10G TO 12C MIGRATION


          As you are already on a web based Forms release some steps you may follow:


          1. Install new 12c database

          2. migrate schemas from 10g to 12c

          3. Install new 12c infrastructure and Forms/reports software and RCU

          4. Configure webutil

          5. Configure Forms/Reports config files

          6. Recompile or use 12c migration assistent

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            Hi Carlos,


            Thanks for your reply. We have migrated our forms and reports from 10g ias to weblogic by using the steps you mention earlier. The migration was successful except we are facing an issue related to icon.The icons are not showing properly even after proper configuration


            we have icons in gif files and we have created jar file out of it and placed it inside forms_home/forms/java/ directory


            Also set



            in formsweb.cfg file.


            We set the following in Registry.dat file






            Also added



            in default.env file


            and restarted forms services. But its not showing the icons properly.


            Kindly suggest if anything else is required to configure the icons properly.