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    How to validate SCRM work flows.




      I am trying to validate SCRM work flows in PLM .But I am not able to implement.

      Could you please some one help me ?


      My scnario: If faclity is not added in Sourcing Approval in SCRM module  then I should show error message when approving Sourcing approval from Draft to approved.

      Condtion: SA should be assigned to  "Supplier Approval Workflow - Production Ready Packaging Material"  workflow.If SA is assinged to other workflow then it should not validate faclity field.


      1.Added workflow tag 1056 and 1057

      2.I have added below code in Validationsetting file.


      <add key="SCRMSAfacilityValidator" value="Singleton:SourcingApprovalHandler.SCRMSAfacilityValidatorFactory, SourcingApprovalHandler"/>



      <rule type="5012">

      <condition event="workflow" >

      <if type="SpecWorkflowSystemActionValidator" property="SourcedSpecification" report="false" checkTargetState="true" behaviorId="1056">

      <if type="SCRMSAfacilityValidator" report="true" />


      <if type="SpecWorkflowSystemActionValidator" property="SourcedSpecification" report="false" checkTargetState="true" behaviorId="1057">

      <if type="SCRMSAfacilityValidator" report="true"/>





      3. C# CODE:


      namespace SourcingApprovalHandler


          internal class SCRMSAfacilityValidator : BaseValidator


              public override bool Validate(IValidationContext ctx)


                  Assert.True(ctx.ValidationTarget is ISourcingApproval);

                  var retval = true;

                  var saf = (ISourcingApproval)ctx.ValidationTarget;

                  if (saf.fkFacilityID == null)





                          ctx.AddError("Facility should not be blank.");

                          retval = false;



                  } return retval;



          public class SCRMSAfacilityValidatorFactory : XmlConfigValidatorFactoryBase


              private static IValidatorFactory m_factory = new SCRMSAfacilityValidatorFactory();

              public static IValidatorFactory GetInstance() { return m_factory; }

              private SCRMSAfacilityValidatorFactory() { }



              protected override IValidator Create_Internal(XmlNode configNode)


                  return new SCRMSAfacilityValidator();