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    Attachment from UCM is not uploaded using Journal Batch Upload REST API


      Hello Everyone,

      I have uploaded a sample file in UCM server using seeded facility 'File Import and Export'. The file is uploaded and file id, content id is generated.


      Then I am trying to attach the same file to Journal Batch using REST API using below sample payload. When trying to run this payload it's throwing me error "INVALID 404". Can anyone tell me what values I am missing here in payload?


      REST API url -




      Sample Payload -



      "AccountedPeriodType": "MONTH1765278435",

      "ActualFlagMeaning": "Actual",

      "ApprovalStatusMeaning": "Required",

      "ApproverEmployeeName": null,

      "BatchName": "0 testing batch - jest e2e",

      "ChartOfAccountsName": "USGAAP_COA",

      "CompletionStatusMeaning":  "Incomplete",

      "ControlTotal": null,

      "DefaultPeriodName": "Nov-19",

      "FundsStatusMeaning": null,

      "JeBatchId": 107762,

      "ParentJeBatchName": null,

      "PostedDate": null,

      "PostingRunId": null,

      "RunningTotalAccountedDr": 129.39,

      "RunningTotalDr": 400,

      "Status": "u",

      "StatusMeaning": "Unposted",

      "UserJeSourceName": "Manual",

      "UserPeriodSetName": "JAN_DEC",



                  "FileName": "For test purpose",

                  "DmDocumentId": "UCMFA00508552",

                  "UploadedFileContentType": "text/plain",

                  "Title": "For test purpose",

                  "Description": "Testing Desc"








      Sharad J