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    Configuring Oracle client + ODAC


      I've got a somewhat complex situation and I'm not sure enough about the two packages to know what the best way to proceed.


      My developer is attempting to do SSRS development reporting through Visual Studio connecting to a Oracle database. 


      When he attempts to connect to the Oracle data source he gets the error "Unable to connect to data source 'DataSource1'. The selected data extension ORACLE is not installed or cannot be loaded. Verify the select data extension is installed on the client for local reports and on the report server for published reports."


      He currently has the Oracle 11gR2 client installed (against a Oracle 11g database).


      What we have found is that we can install both ODAC and the instant client, but we end up with a fight over the path variable. IE: If we point to the ODAC location 1st then parts of his development works. If we update to the instant client then that portion of his develop works.


      From my research it appears that ODAC might be largely covered in the Oracle client "Full install". This pushes the extent of my knowledge.


      My end goal is as follows have necessary pieces of Oracle + ODAC installed on the same device and not requiring the developer to mess with his path variable depending on the type of development he is doing.


      I fully submit that I maybe doing the installation wrong and am seeking advice.


      A sub question what is the difference between the ODAC "installer" and the ODAC for Visual Studio "installer". It kind of sounds like we could install the Visual Studio version and maybe not have to mess with the full odac installer. Again uncharted territory.