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    kvdba user created in Oracle NoSQL - how to login as admin again if this kvdba user is not accessible?

    Adrian Godoy Ferro

      Normally in RDBMS you have the chance to access like sys, system to the database.

      I enabled basic security with pwd file in Oracle NoSQL and created a set of users with different roles and system privileges. One of these users is kvdba with sysdba role.


      java -Xmx256m -Xms256m -jar $KVHOME/lib/kvstore.jar securityconfig

      security-> config create -pwdmgr pwdfile -root /apps/nosql-KEY201/NODE01/KVSTORE

      Enter a password for the Java KeyStore: xxxxxxx

      Re-enter the KeyStore password for verification: xxxxxxx

      Created files   











      java -Xmx256m -Xms256m -jar /apps/nosql-KEY201/kv-4.3.11/lib/kvstore.jar securityconfig

      security-> config add-security -root /apps/nosql-KEY201/NODE01/KVSTORE -secdir security -config config.xml

      Configuration updated.



      After, restarted the kvstore and created the kvdba user



      kv-> plan create-user -name kvdba -admin -password XXXXX -wait

      Executed plan 11, waiting for completion...

      The command:      

      plan create-user is deprecated and has been replaced by:      

      execute 'CREATE USER'

      Plan 11 ended successfully


      Unfortunately I don't remember the kvdba user password. In this cases, what is the method to access the kvstore as admin if you don't have this user. There is something similar to '/as sysdba' locally to access the kvstore, once this basic security is enabled? Should I reconstruct the security configuration again?


      Thank you in advance.