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    OWB mapping not run through Process flow


      Hi All ,


      In my OWB we have Avesta_STG process flow it contains a mapping name avesta016_max_map.

      Due to some reason I need to change some tables from the mapping and for that I have created copy of the mapping i.e. copy_of_avesta016_max_map.

      I have created set Action and deploy the mapping and after that, I have executed the mapping copy_of_avesta016_max_map and it run successfully.


      Now I have changed the name of mapping from copy_of_avesta016_max_map to avesta016_max_map  and replace & deploy the mapping using Control center . also keep avesta016_max_map as avesta016_max_map_org as for backup purpose and to avoid modification of Process flow.


      Now I ran process flow Avesta_STG, all the mappings from Process flow runs successfully and created a log for all mappings except  avesta016_max_map. I could not find any log with this mapping when it runs with Process flow .

      So I have a question that whether the new mapping avesta016_max_map is running or not and I am also unable to see any log for the same mapping.


      Could you please help me what step I missed so that I m unable run this mapping on the Avesta_STG process flow.