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    Swagger doc for ALL modules?

    Paul Jorstad

      Hello! I know it's easy to generate Swagger documentation for services in a given module. Example: http://server.com/ords/schema/open-api-catalog/hr. If I explore such an URL in Swagger UI, I see the documentation for all services in the "hr" module. But, we have lots of modules. Is it possible to get swagger documentation from ORDS for all modules in one URL? Or - what is the best practice to expose Swagger doc for all modules? We have downloaded Swagger.UI and put that on a Tomcat webserver. Ords version is 19.2.

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          I think that you could automatize that, maybe implementing an ORDS service that gives you available and published modules, something like:




          SELECT NAME FROM user_ords_modules WHERE STATUS LIKE '%PUBLISHED%';


          And then concatenate programmatically, using Java or any other language, your module name to the open-api URL pattern: /ords/{your-schema}/open-api-catalog/{modules}/