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    How to migrate EBS R12.2 to Orace cloud as PaaS


      Hi All,


      We have requirement from client to migrate the production instance to oracle cloud as PaaS.


      Database Version:

      Application Version: 12.2.6

      Os                          : Linux 7


      I have gone through the document Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud ( Doc ID 2066260.1 )


      But the steps mentioned in the document are not specific to PaaS.


      Could any one please let me know the steps that we should follow to migrate existing on-premise ebs r12.2.6 to oracle cloud as PaaS.





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            As you know, OCI migration (IaaS) is just migration to a different Hardware i.e. Oracle Cloud Data Center.


            PaaS i.e. Oracle Cloud ERP or Oracle Cloud Applications is a close to a re-implementation of your ERP. You need to ideally choose the right partner or Oracle Consulting itself to assess your EBS first. Once done, they will suggest you the effort estimate and also the challengers you might have in migrating to Oracle Cloud.


          Have a look at below article for a brief overview:







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            Sylvain Martel

            Hello 3610498,


            If you want to move EBS to the cloud, there is only 1 option which is to go on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), where you will have a database server and an application server similar to what you already have on premise but on the cloud.  In this scenario, you have access to those machine exactly the same way as you do today.  Oracle provides a feature called "lift-and-shift" which allows you to move the entire EBS "installation" to these new machines.


            PaaS (Platform as a Service) is not an option for EBS.


            Now if you were talking about going to a SaaS ERP, which I don't think you do, then a full reimplementation would be needed to go to Fusion Cloud Applications.  As this model is all SaaS, there is no customization or access to the database server or application server.


            Hope this helps.