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    archiveadm problems: exclude-dataset not working and how to include rpool/VARSHARE

    Andrew Watkins



      Two question about archiveadm


      1) Wanting to backup a kernel zone and I want to exclude a datasets but it does not work. Tried a few ways but it does not work.


      # archiveadm create -z rhea-kz -D rpool/export/testzfs,dpool /var/tmp/test.uar

      # archiveadm create -z rhea-kz -D dpool /var/tmp/test.uar

      # archiveadm create -z rhea-kz -D rpool/export/testzfs /var/tmp/test.uar


      What ever I try it backups up the datasets problem is one of them is massive. Any ideas?


      2) The other problem is that "archiveadm"  by default does not backup rpool/VARSHARE and I have created some zfs under it (MySQL, etc) which I thought was a good idea at the time. I know I could use the "-r (recover)" option but then backups up all zfs,snapshots. Any ideas?


      Guess if I get (1) fixed then I can work round option (2).