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    Standalone Launcher -  How do you change the default Java icon on the Windows taskbar?




      I am using Launch4j to wrap the standalone form call like:


      java -jar frmsal.jar -url "http://some.forms12.com:9023/forms/frmsrvlet?config=standalone&form=start.fmx&userid=scott/tiger@db" -t 30000 


      to build a Windows exe file that I can distribute to users.   That's all working well, except I have two or three different different Windows exe files that I need to distribute.  I have a different icon that is associated to each exe file so the two exe are easily identified, but the problem is when two or more of these are started both form tasks have the default java coffee cup icon in the taskbar.  That seems to be causing some minor issues with my users.


      Is there way to change the default java icon on the Windows taskbar, so that the task can be identified a bit easier?   Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...