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    NetSuite SuiteTalk REST Web Services



      I am trying to use the NetSuite SuiteTalk REST Web Services to access NetSuite CRM data.

      I have the access up and working in production. I am able to retrieve record data and metadata.

      I am now trying to set up the same access in the sandbox for more in-depth testing.

      In the sandbox I have: - Enabled rest web services - Enabled token based authentication - Given user concurrent web services permission - Given user Log in using access tokens permission - Created an integration - Created an access token

      All of these actions mirrored what was done in production.

      When I attempt any kind of GET to the web service, I receive a 401 - Invalid login attempt.

      When I check the Login Audit Trail, I don't see any record of the GET attempt, failed or otherwise.

      Is there something of a systemic nature that I have to do additionally in the sandbox to enable rest web services? Above and beyond enabling it in SuiteCloud/SuiteTalk?

      The fact that I see absolutely nothing in the audit trail makes me believe that something is still "turned off".


      Bryan Hunt