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    Post an unposted journal




      We have a journal that was unposted by accident. The customer would like to post it again. We have few options but would like to get your thoughts on the best approach.


      I found the verbiage below in Peoplebooks. What do they mean by "unpost audit trail"?


      If you want to post a journal that has been unposted, just copy the journal to a new journal and post the new journal. PeopleSoft General Ledger automatically creates an unpost audit trail for you.


      Thank you

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          Gyana Panda-Oracle

          Hi User3126633,


          Once a Journal has been posted & then unposted, no further action can be done on that particular Journal.

          If you want that to be posted again, then you need to copy that journal into a new journal & post the new journal.


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