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    Can I run the most recent ZFS on Solaris 10?




      I have a T5140 that I intend to use a virtualization host and a ZFS controller for a NAS.  It's the ZFS part that this post concerns.


      It has been recommended to me that running Solaris 10 on this machine would be a better choice than Solaris 11, for technical reasons mostly, but also for potential licensing reasons.


      If I were to run the latest version of Solaris10/SPARC on this machine, would I still be able to run the latest version of ZFS?  I know that ZFS is tightly tied in to the OS, so I'm not sure if this is possible or even desirable.


      If I would be able to run the most recent implementation of ZFS on Solaris 10, how could this be achieved?  Thank you!!


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