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    MOOC subspaces


      There are some subspaces specifically created for certain MOOCs and were active during the duration of those MOOCs. Now and then a newcomer who is interested in the subject posts a question and it goes unanswered as those subspaces have become defunct.

      Please consider making them read only or merge them with their main spaces (sql and pl/sql, java etc).

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          This is something I raised with the admin when these MOOC spaces first came on board because when a MOOC takes place we were getting a lot of new members joining up, and their first posts were all sitting waiting for us moderators to approve, and we'd had no prior warning of this influx of, what is essentially, work for us to do.  We requested that somebody in charge of the MOOCs should be an admin/moderator and should field all those newbies and their questions, which included managing the MOOC spaces to ensure people were posting in the appropriate place.


          Seems that it may have gone a bit 'unmanaged' in recent times.


          Jim Finch-Oracle is this something that can be looked in to please.