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    Forms 12c: Internet explorer does nothing


      O/S: Windows 10 pro 64 bit

      Fusion Middleware: fmw_12.

      Oracle Forms : 12c (


      With the above back ground, whenever I launch the form for the first time, it works fine i.e the form UI launches along with Java applet.

      I then close the Java applet window and then attempt to launch the same form or even a different form, the internet explorer opens but nothing shows up on the window excepting a white surface and the url is:



      I try to refresh the screen and also hit the enter key in the url portion of the browser but nothing shows up.

      I had to shut down OHS, then stop the Form services, then stop the WLS Admin Server and finally the Node manager and then turn them on again. At times it works and at times it does not. When it does not I have to reboot my computer which fixes the issue.


      So my question is: Should I leave the Java applet window which it launches at all times (this means if I launch many forms, there will be several such windows and it looks clumsy) or is there a better solution?

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          JiF Brodeur

          Hi @buggleboy007 I am trying to understand where are you opening your Froms from? The usual configuration is to start your main application Forms start screen and from there use the menu from Forms to start other Forms so there is only one small connection screen open.


          Jean-Francois Brodeur

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            I developed one single form called - Inventory, which shows just one record on the screen (by attaching 1 table/datablock) . So once I developed it, I compile it. Then I press the traffic signal (green color) button to launch this form.


            That's it. It's very simple and does not involve anything more than this.

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              This is likely happening because you did not properly configure the Form Builder.  Open the Preferences and enter proper values for Web Browser Location (General tab) and Application Server URL (Runtime tab).  If you do not know the proper value for Application Server URL, simply click the "Reset to Default" button found to the right of the text field.



              One thing I forgot to mention.  If you plan to do things like press the browser Refresh button and expect the form to load, it generally will not.  At least not when configured like your current configuration.  The only way to ensure that something like Refresh will do the right thing is to show the complete URL in the browser.  The downside to doing this is that the value of "userid" will be visible in the URL, which means your db username and password might be seen by shoulder surfers (someone standing behind your).  If you're ok with that, simply check the box on the Runtime tab labeled "Show URL Parameters".  Now when you run the form you will see a complete URL similar to what an actual user might use to run a form, although in most cases you'll want to remove "userid"  before sharing with other users.

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                I have done all of this and I do not think you have understood my issue.[Trust me, the forms and weblogic installation (12c) has been a nightmare. I have had to install and uninstall weblogic and forms 4 times as it kept giving me one or the other error. I had to pay someone to get the installation done. By all means this installation has been worst at it's best and very poorly thought of by Oracle.]


                As a matter of fact, when I launch the inventory form for the first time from Forms IDE, it opens the 'run time' aka UI (inventory form) in Internet Explorer. Just before launching it, the java applet runs and displays a pop up window.


                The nightmare starts in case I close the Java applet's pop up window. If I launch the same form again (without or with changes) from Forms IDE, the internet explorer just keeps spinning with a white screen.


                Note: I am a beginner in Oracle forms and so trust me I am not using anything advanced. I am just practicing Oracle forms through Morrison's text book and this is the first form as part of the author's exercise.

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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                  I certainly won't debate that there are several steps involved in getting a complete installation.  However, one thing to understand is that Oracle software is enterprise-class software and rarely is this type of software as easy to install as "double-click on setup.exe" and your done.  There is nearly always pre-installation setup and post-installation configuration required.  If you miss any step along the way you will often have problems.   Regardless, if you're not familiar with the steps it can seem overwhelming.  For people that have done it a few times it goes pretty smoothly.


                  Here are some tips that might make your life a bit less stressful while working with Forms:


                  1.  When doing installations, review these documents before starting:  System Requirements, Release Notes, Installation Guide.  All of these documents are linked from the Forms product page on Oracle.com  https://www.oracle.com/database/technologies/developer-tools/forms.html


                  2.  Avoid pulling the plug out of the wall to exit a Forms applications.  Closing the browser rather than doing a clean exit can cause the corresponding runtime process (frmweb) to become orphaned and hung.  This can cause attempts to start new sessions from the same user machine to fail to start.  Always use the provided Exit button, menu option, or your own exit code (e.g. EXIT_FORM).


                  3.  Ensure that you have a fairly recent Java JRE 8 (32bit) version installed.  The latest is 8U231


                  4.  Be sure that user-tier security scanners (aka virus scanners) are not blocking the running of Java applications. (This might be part of your current problem.)

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                    You said: Be sure that user-tier security scanners (aka virus scanners) are not blocking the running of Java applications. (This might be part of your current problem.)


                    My reply: You might not believe, I do not have any virus scanner on my machine. As I said It launches as long as the Java applet is present on the monitor(aka computer) - the same applet when it launches when I press the green signal icon on the forms IDE.

                    The minute I close it, and then launch the same form again, it fails to launch anything.


                    You can see the link below:




                    I just see a white screen. I followed the steps mentioned by the above post bit it did not result in anything


                    Let me see if I can paste a screenshot so that you see what I mean.


                    PS: A small correction: It's Java Console that I am closing and not the applet as I mentioned.

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                      So you can now see that the form is getting launched in IE 11 along with the Java console. The minute I close the Java Console and also the IE, then run the form again it just does not produce any output on IE. IE just keeps circling with a message: Waiting for local host


                      Hope this clears all the misconceptions about my installation as well as anti-virus programs etc.,

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                        Frank Hoffmann

                        I have some additional suggestions:



                        try a machinename and http port under preferences/runtime or check with





                        Check in Task Manager if Java Zombie processes remain open or are opened from older sessions (jp2launcher) - kill those sessions.



                        Quit the application with exit in Forms and not the Java console



                        To close the browser properly you could add a POST-FORMS-TRIGGER and call a HTML file like this if you close your last open Form


                        Trigger Code:



                        exit_ie.html could look like this code and be placed under Oracle_HOME/forms/webutil



                        <BODY onload="closeit()">


                        function closeit()


                        win = top;

                        win.opener = top;








                        you don't get any problems if you start Forms with the new FSAL option(



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                          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                          You said it again, so in order to ensure you are reading what I mentioned I'll repeat it again.  Do not close the browser until you have first exited the form.


                          Another option is to not use the browser.  As Frank Hoffmann mentioned, use Standalone Launcher.


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                            Thanks Michael and Frank. I will try what you have mentioned and see how it works. I will keep you posted.


                            Another question: Why doesn't Oracle build a Forms and Reports template that one can download and install it on a VM. I know this is present in cloud (as per your posts elsewhere in Forms community) but I don't believe it is free. One needs to pay for this in cloud, isn't it?

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                              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                              Whether you use Forms in Cloud or on your own machine, it is not free when used for commercial purposes.  You must pay for licensing.  You get a 30 day trial. but after that you are expected to obtain proper licensing. 




                              Regarding the lack of a VM for on-prem, the level of effort to create and maintain it out weighs the demand.  Most people want/need fairly specific customizations that would require undoing most of what would be delivered in a pre-built VM.  So, providing one makes little sense.  In the case of what was done in Cloud (MarketPlace), the plan is to enhance it to allow for more customizable options during provisioning.  This can be done thanks to the Cloud infrastructure and the technologies it uses.


                              As I mentioned previously, the installation isn't too bad once you understand it.  Here is an overview of the steps to install, but reviewing the docs I mentioned is still a good idea.  These steps assume you already have an Oracle DB or newer


                              1. Download and install the latest JDK 8 (64bit)

                              2. Download and install WLS Infrastructure (do not attempt to config at this point)

                              3. Download and install "Forms and Reports" into the Oracle Home created by step 2

                              4. Run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and select the needed schemas (refer to the Install Guide)

                              5. Run the WLS Configuration Wizard to create the WLS Domain (refer to the Install Guide)

                              6. Start the servers in this order:  Node Manager, Admin Server, managed servers (e.g. WLS_FORMS, WLS_REPORTS, etc)  (refer to the Install Guide)

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                                I am referring to practicing purposes and not commercial. The way Oracle has created certain standard virtual appliances on the products it sells, the same way it could have created one for Oracle forms and reports.


                                Yes, since I have now installed/uninstalled and then reinstalled Oracle fusion middleware and forms for about 4-5 times, it's not too tedious but trust me when I was doing this it was tedious, frustrating, overwhelming and in fact cursed as to why it has made it so complicated. Anyway it is what it is.


                                I have still not tried the work around suggested by both of you. I will try and let you know the outcome.

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                                  Yes, Michael - finally it worked. I incorporated the suggestion as mentioned i.e. run forms stand alone and it launched without any hassles.

                                  One question though - can an entire application (consisting of one MDI FORM and several forms ) be launched with 'stand alone' option? Any cons/downsides to this approach?


                                  Thanks a lot to you and Frank for helping me out.


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                                    Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                                    Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL) was introduced in 12.2.1 in an effort to address the fact that browsers no longer wanted to support plugin technology (e.g. Java Plugin and others).  Using FSAL is not expected to impact your application in any way.  However, there are fundamental things to understand when using it:


                                    1.  Because it is not browser dependent functionality like integration with HTML/JS pages happens in a different way and would require the use of a third-party library (Eclipse/Jetty).


                                    2.  If you are using Forms and running your form with FSAL, you can use Java 8 or Java 11.  This is not possible when trying to run within the browser or with Java Web Start, which only support using Java 8.


                                    More information about using FSAL can be found in this paper and in the Working with Forms Guiide in the FMW Documentation Library.




                                    3. Because it is not browser dependent you will not be able to launch your application from a web page.  The user must start the application either from a command prompt, shortcut, batch/script, or other custom made executable configured to run FSAL.